OVANN G660, Gaming Headset with freedom wireless technology connected by 2.4G + Bluetooth, and achieved by certified Hi-Res audio quality and a well-balanced sound from valueable 53 mm drivers


OVANN X560, Gaming Headset impresses both acoustically and visually: the 50 mm driver and the software with equalizers,will always ensure a thrilling listening experience. Visually, the headset impresses with its 3D-RGB illumination on the ear cups. The adjustable headband and the movable ear cups provide comfortable wearing.


OVANN X56 is a perfect gaming headset equipped with 40mm padded speakers to give you the best stereo effect, or the full surround experience of 7.1 software. It can be fully customized by the RGB software, which makes it the best way to hear the sound through the full range of RGB software.


OVANN X18, The reliable 40 mm speaker drivers and the pivoted, flexible microphones provide just what is needed for discussing the tactics with your team members. The headband fits comfortably on every head size, while with the lightweight, soft circumaural ear pads ensure a pleasant wear experience. The sporty gaming design, will perfectly suit any gaming setup.